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  • Welcome to Thermo Roof Systems the extra lightweight tiled roof company based in Rugeley Staffordshire.

    Is your conservatory the new fridge?  How many times will you say it is too hot during summer? how noisy is it during rain? Tired of cleaning it and it always looking dirty? 

    Whether using the conservatory for entertaining, office space, play room or considering an open plan living space the benefits are the same. Fitting one of our roofs creates a much more stable environment to use all year round. No direct sunlight piercing down on you and up to 14 times more thermally efficient than your old roof. We think this is the most cost effective way of utilising the space you already have.

    LED lights, Plastering, Windows available and Building notice arranged.

    Ask to view one of our customer units to see the quality of our installs.

    We specialise in these roofs, this is our business. 



    Call us today for your free no pressure no obligation quote. Finance available, no high pressure sales men, guaranteed! Some of our customers have saved up to £3000 on the same product!! do not be ripped off, contact us.

  • A great cost effective way of transforming your conservatory and your home